Once you become familiar with the different types of binoculars, then you should learn a little bit about some of the best binoculars companies, so that whether you are reading binocular reviews or shopping for the best money can buy, you will know something about them. Following are a few of the top binocular brands in the business and some information about them:

nikon binoculars reviewsNikon

In business since 1917 and widely-known for their cameras, Nikon binoculars are among those that set the standard for the world’s best. Most of their models come with multilayer-coated lenses, sturdy construction, and have been specially engineered for handling comfort, things you know you should look for in good binocs. Nikon’s prices range from an economical $70 on up to $400 or so.

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steiner binoculars reviewsSteiner

The Steiner company has provided high-quality binoculars to hunters, nature enthusiasts, military and police forces, and many others for over 50 years. It is famous around the world for that reason. The lenses in their binoculars, said to be some of the finest, and the craftsmanship that goes into their products has made Steiner a world-class company in the field of sports optics. Their prices go from a modest $150 to close to $3,000 for the models military and law enforcement use.

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Leupold OpticsLeupold & Stevens

Known as America’s Sports Optics Authority, Leupold & Stevens began in 1907 as manufacturers of scientific equipment such as water level indicators and compasses. The company and its’ leaders take pride in the fact that they began as, and have remained all this time, a family business. In 1992, after more than 20 years of having them made elsewhere, Leupold& Stevens binoculars began to again be made in the U.S. The company’s prices are listed from $150 for its most basic model to its best binoculars at $749.

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Carl Zeiss MeditecCarl Zeiss Meditec AG

In 1846, Carl Zeiss began what would become one of the preeminent sports optics companies in the world by making and repairing microscopes and other scientific equipment. Zeiss binoculars are supposed to be the fastest and best in focusing ability, have the highest light transmission rates (95%) in some models, and be the most comfortable to use for long periods of time. Due to the differences in costs and tax structures in the countries of the world, CZMAG does not list its prices on the internet. You can request a list from them, though, and they will gladly send it to you.

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Vortex OpticsVortex Optics

Vortex is a newcomer to the sports optics arena. It claims to be responsible for convincing other companies to bring their high-grade lens products to the U.S. In 2000, the company introduced its own brand of sports optics, like binoculars, instead of simply retailing other companies’ products as the company Wild Birds, Unlimited. Originally a “mom- and-pop” retail shop, Vortex binoculars has become a real contender in the field. It designs and develops its own brand in-house while manufacturing overseas to reduce costs. Perhaps what its’ people are proudest of is the Very Important Promise (VIP) Lifetime Warranty. They will repair or replace any item, regardless of what happened to it, even if it’s your fault. Vortex binocular prices are slightly higher at the start than some companies’ at $250 and go up to $750 for their very best binoculars.

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