Vintage Opera Glasses – Look Marvelous And See Clearly

Vintage Opera Glasses

Vintage Opera Glasses

If you have ever been stuck in the “nosebleed section” at a concert or other performance, you know how frustrating it is to strain to see the action.

Whether you are at a concert, an opera, a ballet performance or a Broadway show, sitting far away from the stage can diminish your enjoyment of the event. Opera glasses are a stylish and effective way to get you closer to the main event without having to pay for seats that are more expensive.

Opera glasses are like the more refined cousins of binoculars. Whereas binoculars are associated with sports and the outdoors, opera glasses are better suited for indoor conditions. The magnification of opera glasses is a bit weaker than sport binoculars: usually approximately three times magnification. Unlike binoculars that typically come in black or olive drab, opera glasses come in endless colors and myriad styles to complement what you (or your date) are wearing.

Vintage Opera Glasses

Some of the most impressive opera glasses are those from long-past eras. Vintage Opera glasses bring to mind simpler times when, instead of crowding around a television, those interested in culture attended live shows. The women brought along their long-stemmed, brightly colored opera glasses and daintily held them to their eyes. The men sported equally elegant eyepieces, perhaps with a chain to keep them close at hand.

The elegant styles of yesteryear can still be found today. Vintage Opera glasses are extremely popular among those who want to bring back some of the glamour of previous decades. Vintage or retro styles of opera glasses tend to be ornate and sport decorative flourishes, as opposed to the more streamlined modern styles. They may include mother of pearl accents or even semi-precious stones or jewels. Their colors range from classic white or sophisticated black to playful reds, purples and other jewel tones.

For your next date night, consider taking in a stage show just like the sophisticated people of the past. It is a romantic way to spend an evening and a wonderful excuse to dress up. A great pair of vintage Opera glasses is the perfect accessory to top off a formal outfit. They go particularly well with fancy gowns and 1930s-style suits. You and your significant other can dress up and head off to the symphony, ballet or opera. Even if you cannot sit in the first few rows you will not miss a moment of the action.